Nunc Coepi, Now I Begin

Nunc Coepi, Now I Begin

At both my college graduation and my graduate school commencement, the speakers left lasting impressions on me, a rare occurrence given that over ten years have passed. Insights from those speeches still resonate with me today.

At my graduate school commencement, I had the privilege of listening to former NFL quarterback Philip Rivers. In his distinctive southern drawl, he introduced us to his personal and professional motto: Nunc Coepi, which translates from Latin to "Now, I begin."

Years later, I discovered what I believe to be the source of Rivers' inspiration: "If I should fall even a thousand times a day, a thousand times, with peaceful repentance, I will say immediately, Nunc Coepi, now I begin." — Venerable Bruno Lanteri

Rivers embraced this phrase as a continual reminder to himself, his family, and his teammates that it's human to err. We all make mistakes, experience losses, and face failures. We might literally and figuratively drop the ball.

However, the underlying message is that we should never give up. Each new day is an opportunity to start fresh. Perfection might be unattainable, but giving up is not an option. We must dust ourselves off and press on with renewed vigor. That is what perfection looks like for us.

If you've missed prayer, if your journal has been neglected for days, weeks, or even months, do not lose heart. Begin again. If you fall into sin (again), seek forgiveness in the sacrament of confession. Embrace a fresh start.

Every day is a chance to renew your spiritual journey. Nunc Coepi—now, I begin.

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