COMING SOON: The Little Prayer Journal

The Little Prayer Journal—a new daily prayer journal for kids.

Much like the Examination Journal you’ve come to know, this new journal is designed to guide daily reflection and conversation with God, this time tailored for children.

Here’s a little backstory:

My 8-year-old daughter was struggling with prayer, especially as she prepared for her first reconciliation and Holy Communion. She often said, "I just don’t know what to say!" That moment of frustration turned into inspiration when she asked to use an Examination Journal. It clicked that kids need their version, too. And so, the Little Prayer Journal was born.

Why a Kids’ Journal?

Prayer is something kids will do for the rest of their lives (God willing), and we have the opportunity to help lay that foundation now. The Little Prayer Journal is more than just a diary; it's a tool to help kids learn the profound simplicity of speaking to God every day. It aims to make prayer a joyful and accessible part of their daily routine.

Here’s What Makes the Little Prayer Journal Special:

  • Child-Friendly Prompts: Each daily page includes short prayer prompts to nurture a natural and reflective dialogue with God.
  • Laying the Foundation: The journal introduces kids to various forms of prayer: giving thanks, asking for forgiveness, praying for others.
  • Scripture for the Young Mind: Carefully selected verses inspire and teach kids who God is.
  • Quality That Appeals: Durable and delightful, the journal is designed to be a cherished possession that invites use.

Who is it for?

While there isn't a strict age range, the Little Prayer Journal is ideal for children aged 7 to 16—perfect for those sacramental years and everything in between. It serves as an excellent companion as they grow, learn, and explore their faith.

Join the Waitlist

The Little Prayer Journal will be available for preorder soon. By joining our waitlist, you'll be the first to know when it launches and have the opportunity to be among the first families to introduce this beautiful practice to your children.

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