It's impossible to truly grasp the intimacy we will experience with God in heaven. Such closeness is beyond our comprehension. It's a profound connection that's hard to fathom.

Similarly, here and now, as we live and breathe on Earth, our Creator is closer than we often realize. He is with us, constantly, yet so often we forget His presence.

Our journey towards holiness involves recognizing and living by this truth: the Lord is always near.

Prayer is when we most clearly perceive God’s closeness. St. John of the Cross beautifully instructs us: "Let the soul learn to be still in God, fixing its loving attention upon Him."

We are reminded here of the importance of framing our day with prayer—being still with the Lord to start and end each day.

In between, while it might seem impossible to think of God at every moment due to our daily duties and obligations, we can still direct our hearts toward Him. We can orient our will and actions for His glory, even during mundane tasks.

St. Augustine beautifully states, "Prayer is nothing but a desire of the heart; if your desire is continuous, your prayer is continuous."

The Lord is near. He desires closeness with us. Do we desire the same?

Fix your loving attention on the Lord. Turn your heart toward Him, now and always.


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