Living Water and Broken Cups

Living Water and Broken Cups

Imagine your soul as a glass cup—a vessel that holds whatever is poured into it. What fills this cup depends entirely on your choices.

Too often, we allow our cups to be tainted with the spiritual equivalent of toxic sludge. This muddies our spiritual clarity and dampens our relationship with God. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Our souls are capable of containing "living water"—the kind that Jesus spoke of, water that ensures we will never thirst again.

In this analogy, the water that Jesus offers does more than just displace the sludge; it purifies the cup completely, cleansing it and then replenishing it with the most pure and nourishing substance imaginable.

This is the transformative power of Confession. It is the wellspring of life-giving water that washes away our sins and imbues us with the grace of the Lord.

After emerging from the sacrament of Confession, our cups are not merely clean—they are sanctified and restored, ready to be filled with divine grace. At this point, the words of Fulton Sheen resonate deeply: "There are two ways of knowing how good and loving God is. One is by never losing Him, through the preservation of innocence, and the other is by finding Him after one has lost Him."

Having been cleansed, how will we maintain the purity of these restored vessels? Will we allow them to be polluted once more, or will we protect this renewed purity with the reverence it deserves? Will our actions stir the waters to spill, or will we move through life with deliberate and measured steps, preserving every precious drop?

The choice we face after Confession is significant. It's not merely about avoiding sin; it's about actively choosing to fill our cups with goodness, to live in a way that keeps our souls brimming with the grace of God.

Let us then choose to guard this divine gift—like vigilant sentinels, let's keep our souls filled with the goodness and love of God. Let this not just be a brief purity but a sustained state, fostering a life that continuously reflects the light of His love.

Remember, the state of your soul after Confession isn't just a temporary reprieve—it's a renewed opportunity to live in closeness with the Lord, an invitation to maintain that closeness through conscious choices and dedicated spiritual practice.
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